Tom Salvemini

Tom knocks it out of the park with his debut children’s book Band of Gorillas! In Band of Gorillas, Tom’s animal characters jump from the pages to teach readers and listeners alike about the surprisingly unique names of animal groups.

Meet Tom

As a third-grade elementary school teacher for over 25 years, Tom Salvemini cherished his classroom library filled with books for his students to enjoy and learn from. In addition to keeping his classroom fun and engaging, he loved watching his students have fun while learning. If they were having fun, the learning naturally occurred.

In his first book after retiring, Band of Gorillas, Tom brings vibrant animal characters to life, teaching the reader and listener about the unique names given to animal groups. Having three now grown children of his own, Tom always understood that reading was the key to knowledge.

When not writing children’s books, you will find Tom in his workshop restoring vintage pinball machines, reading a favorite new book, hiking with his wife of over 25 years, Sue, and spending as much time as possible with his “children” Jordan, Nicholas and Carolyn Rose.

Tom is currently working on his second book, Conceivable, and has his sights set on two more books in the near future.

Learn more about Tom's books

Band of Gorillas

Band of Gorillas takes children on an anthropomorphic walk through the curious names given to animal groups.

Written in couplets, or simple two lines of rhyming verse, throughout the book the animals are whimsically illustrated as having human-like traits and behaviors.

Turning Point Moments

What if your next life challenge could be the springboard to your greatest joy and success…? Author Tom Salvemini’s Power of Perseverance story – as featured in Turning Point Moments Volume 2 – is excerpted here:

“The plane rattled and shook as I felt more than heard the thump of my heart over the plane’s grumbling engine…”

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Come meet author Tom Salvemini

Author Book Signing

Saturday, January 27, 2024 from 11AM – 2PM
Tatnuck Bookseller
Westborough Shopping Center
18 Lyman Street
Westborough, MA 01581

Come join Author Tom Salvemini as he shares the journey of writing his first book.
Along with a coloring activity, you will learn about the unique names given to animal groups as featured in Band of Gorillas.
All ages welcome!


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what they’re saying about Tom’s writing…

“Wonderful book! Bright, colorful and well-written. Educational about animal groups and fun to read with my nieces and nephews.
A new favorite in our household!”

Cheryl B.

“One of our first books for our new son, and a total winner! He is mesmerized with the story and we love reading it to him nightly!”

Ryan & Pam M.

“Great add to my classroom library. A poetic flow that is both entertaining and educational.
The students don’t even realize how much they are learning, they are having so much fun looking at the pictures!”

Barbara T.

Contact Tom

Please send Tom an email using the form below. Tom checks his inbox regularly and strives to respond within 24-48 hours. Don’t hesitate to drop him a line, whether it’s about his books, collaborations, or any other writing-related inquiries.